Gordonzola, a judge at this years American Cheese Society Competition, is at it again. This time he’s listing his top ten cheeses from the competition. Naturally, Leelanau Cheese Co. aged raclette is in the number one position.

“Leelanau Aged Raclette, Michigan. Won best in Show and I voted for it. Pungent, rich, earthy, and fruity. The flavor jumped out at me despite (because of?) the fact that I’d tasted 200 cheeses in the previous 36 hours. Someday I hope to actually be able to buy this cheese but from what I’ve heard, this cheese is so small production that it’s difficult to get even in Michigan. They also make a younger Raclette which is very good, but this aged one is transcendent.”

For his 2-10 picks, check out his blog. There’s a cool picture of the cheese at the competition, too.