Calling all Pear Wine lovers…the Pear Wine is now available. 

Definitely worth the wait!  Open a bottle and experience the intense aromatics of pure pear, succulent flavors, and a delightful fruit essence. “This is possibly one of the best vintages of this wine we’ve produced,” says Retail Sales Manager Chris Lopez.  This is no surprise as 2009 was a stellar year for pears, apples, and cherries. 

Pear wine is a delicious wine to sip on by itself but it also has dyanmic food pairing possibilities.  A staff favorite is pear wine with blue cheese and simple crackers.  It is also a wonderful compliment to savory salads, an array of mild to medium flavored cheeses, fruit/nut based desserts and white meats either baked or roasted.

You can find this wine at our tasting rooms or on-line. Call 231.944.1270.