Another Perspective on the ACS Awards

We just came across this article from the Boston Globe written by Devra First about the 2007 judging for the American Cheese Society Awards in which Leelanau Cheese Co. Aged Raclette took Best in Show.

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The Best Cheese in America

Anne and John’s fabulous cheese was the topic of a recent Detroit Free Press article, and their phone hasn’t stopped ringing…again.

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Laura Werlin Visit

Laura Werlin, author of “Cheese Essentials,” recently spent the day at the Leelanau Cheese Co., learning Anne and John’s cheesemaking secrets. She had come to the area to present two standing-room only cheese classes atthe Traverse Epicurean Classic where attendees sampled the aged raclette. Werlin toldthem that “the aged raclette was among the best cheeses in the world” and that, in her opinion, was certainly “the best raclette in the world.” High praise indeed fromthisrenowned cheese expert.

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Aged Raclette on Top

Gordonzola, a judge at this years American Cheese Society Competition, is at it again. This time he’s listing his top ten cheeses from the competition. Naturally, Leelanau Cheese Co. aged raclette is in the number one position.

“Leelanau Aged Raclette, Michigan. Won best in Show and I voted for it. Pungent, rich, earthy, and fruity. The flavor jumped out at me despite (because of?) the fact that I’d tasted 200 cheeses in the previous 36 hours. Someday I hope to actually be able to buy this cheese but from what I’ve heard, this cheese is so small production that it’s difficult to get even in Michigan. They also make a younger Raclette which is very good, but this aged one is transcendent.”

For his 2-10 picks, check out his blog. There’s a cool picture of the cheese at the competition, too.

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The Price of Aged Raclette

Anne and John donated one pound of their “North American Best” aged raclette to raise dollars for the Northport Promise, a local charity helping all Northport students with college costs. When the bidding was over, the cheese brought in $67 – well worth it for this sought-after cheese.

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Leelanau Cheese Co. on the News

9 and 10 News recently did a piece on John and Anne’s big win at the American Cheese Society. Click on to the video and hear Kimberly Purdy’s interview with John.

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Behind the Scenes at the Cheese Competition

Gordonzola, a judge at this year’s American Cheese Society Competition, gives his behind the scenes views on what goes on during a judging.

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Freep touts Cheese

John and Anne Hoyt are the darlings of the North American cheese world with their “Best in Show” Aged Raclette honored by the American Cheese Society. Sylvia Rector recognized them in The Detroit Free Press yesterday.Raclette

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Aged Raclette is Best in Show

Leelanau Cheese’s aged raclette beat out over 1.200 entries to take “Best in Show” at the 24th annual American Cheese Society competition in Burlington, VT.

With a 27% increase in entries this year and over 200 cheesemakers competing, the Hoyt’s faced stiff competition, but if you’ve ever tasted their aged raclette, you know that the judges made the right decision.

And, amid all this hoop-la, their raclette – once again – came in first at the Michigan State Fair.

Congratulations, Anne and John!

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Silver Medal

Leelanau Cheese Co. has won a Silver Medal for their mild Raclette at the 2007 United States Championship Cheese Contest. The medal in the Open Class for Semi-Soft Cheeses was announced by the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association on March 14th.

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