Share Pricing: Based on 12-week sessions that begin with the seasons (March, June, September, December.)

$200 Tastes from the Garden
Searching for a tomato that tastes like a tomato? Or a cantaloupe that hasn’t traveled 1500 miles to be in your fruit salad? Well, look no further. Members receive a great selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs picked at the peak of ripeness and in your kitchen on the same day. P.S. Even the snozberries taste like snozberries!

$350 The Cream of the Crop
A culinary extravaganza to say the least! The widest selection of fruits and veggies we grow are offered to “Cream of the Crop” members. Also included are specialty greens, eggs (a dozen/week) and wood-fired hearth breads (a loaf/week). As always, we occasionally surprise you with on-farm processed foods such as our maple syrup, wine, juice, jams, and Leelanau Cheese. If you love to cook and truly want to experience eating with the seasons, this share is what it is all about.

$150 The Herbivore
If you find yourself making crazy, off-the-wall salads more than once a week then this share will suit you and your family well. Get crazy with the veggie entrees by adding this option to our others. Each week you’ll receive a bag of an easy to use baby salad mix as well as numerous other specialty greens including tatsoi, pak choi, mizuna, mesclun mix, sorrel, kale, spinach, Swiss chard, collard greens and edible flowers and herbs.

$35 Breakin’ Bread

This option is new to the CSA this year and Jen (the baker) couldn’t be more ready to invite you to share in some of the best tasting bread around. She bakes traditional sourdoughs, baguettes, ciabattas, wheat breads, and rustic country loaves that would make anyboulanger proud!

$35 Lampoon’s Vacation (weekly)

If you think you’re gonna be on the Peninsula soon then you should try out this Vacationer’s Share. Spend you’re time on the beach (or the farm) and not at the supermarket. We’ll make summer cookouts a breeze so all you have to do is buy the libations!

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