Hard Apple Cider

This sparkling cider is made from a blend of eight different cider apples.

Appellation:Old Mission Peninsula Fruit
Blend:100% Apples
Bottling:7% alcohol, 2.5% residual sugar

Flavor and Aroma: Fresh, aromatic, ripe apple aromas mingle with a delicate spice on the palate. Fresh and fruity this wine just explodes apples on the palate!

Aging Potential:
Enjoy this wine now or within the next two years.

Thoughts for Food:
This is a wine with many uses. Most people who enjoy off-dry style fruit wines drink it as an aperitif or as an alternative to grape-based semi-sweet wines. This hard cider pairs well with mild cheeses, savory salads, and lightly grilled chicken or pork. Try it as a tasty alternative on Thanksgiving.

It's also wonderful as a mulled wine in the cooler months. Try this recipe:

1 bottle Black Star Farms Hard Apple Cider

6 oz. water

1/2 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground clove

a couple sprinkles of ground nutmeg

Combine all ingredients into sauce pan and give it a good stirring. Heat gently (for approx. 30 minutes), but do not boil, and do not stir again. Skim off the spices on top, serve and enjoy.

Wall Street Journal October 7, 2006: "Far and away, the best cider out of more than a dozen I tried..." Eric Felton
Bronze: 2007 Tasters Guild Int'l Wine Judging
Hard Apple Cider

Wine Maker Comments:
This is a is a delightful cider made from a blend of eight different apples. When served cold this sparkling cider is aromatic and refreshing like a honeycrisp apple from the farm market! When served as a mulled cider it becomes sweeter and more intensely aromatic highlighting the aromas and flavors from the mulling spices. It is perfect for tail gates, night by the fire, or after a long day of raking leaves!

Silver: Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Festival

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