Winemaker Lee Lutes shares his view of the 2007 wines:

It’s that time of year again when we start to review the past year’s progress and look forward to the coming harvest. Today we are doing this by tasting 2007 Barrel Chardonnay, following a visit to vineyards yesterday afternoon. As for the 2007s, the wines are rich and full (at a level greater than what is typical for our region – due to the warmer growing season last year), the alcohols are higher and the acids are lower – this will make for a-typical wines that will be fat and plump to enjoy but will likely not have the longevity that they normally might. (We normally have longer-lived wines due to more acidity!). The wines I would be looking for this summer include the 2006 Pinot Gris and Sur Lie Chardonnay, as they are drinking so beautifully right now, and wait for the 2007s to emerge later this fall – they will be prime for fall season fare! You will likely not see the 2007 reds, which are (across the board) beautiful, and full, and rich, until 2009. These are wines that will need some time to develop. That said, the 2007 Rieslings are being released earlier this year, and they are fabulous! This is a variety that has good acidity anyway, so the ’07s are slightly softer than normal, but with great fruit and wonderful richness. Look to enjoy these wines this summer too!