Let us help you make your holidays easy and fun this year. Start planning your wine selection early with our top five suggestions below.  

1. Black Star Farms Hard Apple Cider 

 Sparkling, light-bodied semi-dry fruit wine – $10.00/bottle                                                    

This Hard Cider boasts a refreshing spirit that is bubbling over with the flavor of fresh, crisp apples! The familiarity and vibrancy of this wine set the stage for a festive holiday gathering.  It is also wonderful when mulled. Pair with appetizers, salads, and turkey. 

2.       Arcturos Pinot Noir 

 Complex, medium-bodied dry red wine – $25.00/bottle                                                           

A beautiful ruby color invites you to the bright aroma and taste of ripe berries and roasted, spicy oak.  An elegant and soft Pinot Noir with enough versatility to go with everything from hors d’oeuvres to the main dish.

3.  Arcturos Riesling

Complex medium-bodied semi-dry white wine- $16.50/bottle                                          

This wine is floral and spicy on the nose with ripe stone fruit flavors on the palate. It will pair beautifully with an assortment of flavors, spices, and white meats.

4.       Be Dazzled

Light-bodied dry sparkling wine – $12.50/bottle                                        

A fun sparkling wine with fresh and crisp fruit flavors followed by an off dry finish. This is a  great one to have around for the unexpected toast.

5.       Sirius Pear Dessert Wine

Complex full-bodied sweet dessert wine – $18.50/bottle

This wine is the true essence of Northern Michigan pears. Highly aromatic and full of rich fruit flavors, it is a decadent treat! Upon the first sip you will be rewarded with a vanilla-like pear flavor that is then complimented by the smooth brandy finish. It will pair wonderfully with fall inspired baked goods.