If you’re looking for “far and away the best cider out of more than a dozen I tried,” heed Eric Felten’s word in the Wall Street Journal on October 7th, and look no farther. In his “How’s Your Drink” column he rated our Hard Apple Cider “a revelation. Like the first bite of a perfectly ripe apple straight from the tree, the taste was clean and fresh, not sugary or syrupy. And then, unlike any other cider I tried, that beautiful, uncluttered apple taste lingered, fading slowly and gently. Without trying to impersonate wine, the Black Star Farms cider was the only one that achieved that key characteristic of good vino-the long finish.”
He rated our cider “Very Good,” and his tasting notes read, “Clean, focused, fresh apple taste with a long, lingering finish. Without aping champagne, this cider succeeds as a delightful alternative.”