Article courtesy Absolute Michigan

You’ve heard of Bud Bowl, right? Well, panels of wine tasters in Ann Arbor and Columbus recently gathered to judge over 60 selected consumer-selected wines from Michigan and Ohio. It was the first purely consumer-selected judging of wines in either state and also unique by being limited to wines from grapes exclusively from Ohio & Michigan wines.

Ohio and Michigan share a centuries-old tradition of viticulture which was wrecked by Prohibition but has re-emerged in recent times. From the Ohio River Valley to the upper shores of Lake Michigan, growers and winemakers are once again crafting unique and quality wines. In light of the growing concerns about the carbon footprint of transported products, Slow Food Columbus created this event to showcase regional efforts in the context our storied gridiron rivalry. The top wines were:

The real winners are the consumers of Michigan and Ohio who have an array of quality local wines to enjoy, these wines emerged as the MVPs for their respective teams. “I would consider any of these winning wines to be on a par in quality to their peers from California and elsewhere,” said organizer Andrew Hall, “and at very consumer-friendly prices.”

“There were a lot of good wines from both states,” echoed one of the judges, “and I hope that people will give them a chance. Restaurants and consumers are starting to care a lot about local produce and wines should follow.”

Amen to that – think about putting a bottle or two of Black Star Farm’s excellent Michigan wine on your table this Thanksgiving and all year long!