The article Governors sip Michigan ice wine at White House from the Chicago Tribune relates:

The frozen grapes were picked in December 2007 and crushed outside so they wouldn’t thaw. The wine was released last July and sells for $80 or more for a half bottle.

The White House paired the sweet A Capella Riesling ice wine with huckleberry cobbler with caramel ice cream.

Black Star Farms managing partner Don Coe said Monday that former President George W. Bush and his wife served the winery’s 2000 A Capella ice wine to a governors’ dinner seven years ago. The Bushes also served the winery’s Sirius Maple dessert wine during a May 2005 Rose Garden event celebrating Cinco de Mayo. A pinot gris was served once.

“It’s always exciting,” Coe said of his wine’s White House appearances. “We’re delighted.”

You can order our 2007 A Capella Riesling Ice Wine or read more about the wine right here.

By curious coincidence, we have a video feature showing the actual harvesting of this ice wine – watch it below!