A recent posting in cchristie Food Journal tells of a visit to Black Star Farms and reveals Jen’s recipe for Apple Galettes…a perfect way to end your Thanksgiving – or any – meal.

Agri-tourism is on the rise. When I first heard of this travel option, I imagined a form of barnyard boot camp, complete with aching muscles and manure encrusted Wellingtons. But a visit to Black Star Farms, just outside Suttons Bay, Michigan, proved me wrong. This Kentucky-style luxury inn does more than cater to guests. It’s an “Agricultural Destination” with a vineyard, winery, CSA farm, livestock, Farmer’s Market, creamery and stable.

You can stay for a week, weekend or just drop by for a few hours. You can see cheese being made, pat a pig, sample wine, or — my favourite — eat.