Meet Our Events Team: Dorothy & Dustin

If you are planning a special event or attending a wedding at Black Star Farms anytime soon, you’ll likely meet Dorothy and Dustin. Together, they create the magic behind the events department at our Suttons Bay location. This dynamic duo is in charge of organizing weddings, corporate, private, and culinary events that take place on the farm.

Dorothy DeBlasio brings a wealth of event coordinating and food and beverage industry knowledge to her current position as Manager of Special Events. Before Black Star Farm she worked for eight years at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina where she developed a catering and events program. The idea of a slower pace of life and better work-life balance brought Dorothy and her family to Northern Michigan. If you are a bride or groom-to-be, you’ll have no trouble getting comfortable with Dorothy and benefit from her years of experience.

Photo of Dorothy DeBlasio, Director of Event and Culinary Operations.

The events department wouldn’t run smoothly without Dorothy’s right-hand man, Dustin Schaub. A new face on the farm, Dustin had his first job in the food and beverage industry at a very young age and had the opportunity to work in all different styles of dining, of which fine dining was his specialty. He took on the role of Events Coordinator at many restaurants before he decided to start his own event coordinating business on the side. Realizing it was time to make this his full-time gig, he joined the team at Black Star Farms in April and welcomed new clients and new challenges with enthusiasm.

Photo of Dustin Schaub, event coordinator for Black Star Farms.

The fast-paced nature of special events can seem hectic at times, but Dorothy reflects, “No matter what is going on around us, it is our job to remain calm and collected so the event can run smoothly.” Dorothy’s favorite aspect of her job is the rewarding sense of accomplishment she feels after an event when a client gives positive feedback. Regarding weddings, “This is the best day of someone’s life,” she says. “It’s our job to make a relationship with a client in a short period of time, so we can give them that best day ever.” This is something she, and the rest of the events team, excel at by offering unique, wine country wedding packages with exceptional service in an unparalleled setting.

Wedding ceremony with guests at our scenic hilltop vineyard site.

With room to grow in the events department, Dustin is excited about working with Dorothy and learning from her experience. “Seeing everything come together and working as a team is rewarding, along with being able to connect with a client and become enveloped in their world for the duration of an event.” Way to embody the Black Star Farms vision for exceptional service Dustin! We look forward to great things from the events team this summer.

Back by popular demand are the Harvest Dinners in Vineyard. With these al fresco dining experiences, weddings, and other special events, you’ll catch Dorothy and Dustin in action, creating a unique sort of Northern Michigan magic that is sure to delight any Black Star Farms visitor.

Interested in hosting your event at Black Star Farms?  Please fill out our Inquiry Form so that Dorothy and Dustin can learn more about your special event!  You may also contact them at [email protected]

Guests dining in the vines during our Arcturos Dining Series at Black Star Farms Suttons Bay

About the Writer, Olivia Kiel

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